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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR01F00496
Applies to: NX Server Products
Added on: 2008-01-11
Last update: 2017-11-13
What to do when cannot connect more than 20 users even if the 3.5.0 subscription has unlimited concurrent connections

By default, the NX server 3.5.0  is configured to allow 20 concurrent connections. This means that, even in case of a subscription allowing unlimited concurrent sessions, when the 21st concurrent user tries to run a session, he/she will get the following message:

Reached the maximum number of concurrent sessions on this server

To increase the number of concurrent connections according to your needs, please edit the following configuration key in the /usr/NX/etc/server.cfg file:

#SessionLimit = "20"

You will need to uncomment the line and change the sessions number to a reasonable limit for your server.  ie.


You may also wish to consult the NX Server Administrator's Guide for other configurable options.  The guide is available at the following link:


Other references

For NoMachine v. 4 or later please read here: