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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR01M00833
Applies to: NoMachine Server
Added on: 2015-01-30
Last update: 2017-11-22
How to add a node to the server when two-factor authentication is used

Current versions of NoMachine don't support the possibility to authenticate automatically to the remote node when two-factor authentication is enabled. I.e. it's not possible to provide the second authentication and the 'nxserver --nodeadd' procedure fails with:

596 ERROR: Cannot authenticate to the requested node.

The suggested workaround is:

1) Copy the server DSA public key, /usr/NX/etc/keys/, from the server to the remote node.

2) On the remote node host execute:

$ /etc/NX/nxserver --keyadd <path to file>

3) On the server host execute the 'nxserver --nodeadd' command to add the remote node.

Now the node should be added without requiring passwords.


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