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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR01Q01010
Applies to: NX Software
Added on: 2019-01-09
Last update: 2019-01-10
How to solve problem with lack of audio during NoMachine session in SLES 11.4

If you use NoMachine on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 4, you may encounter the situation when there is no sound from the server during session. The reason is the limitation of maximum address space for processes (significantly less than 1 GB) which is influenced by virtual memory size. It makes some processes not able to create the threads necessary to handle audio properly. In the case of SLES 11.3, this value is far bigger than 200 GB, and in the case of SLES 12 it is unlimited. To solve this problem:

1. Temporary solution:

    open terminal and log as super user using `su`,

    run `ulimit -v unlimited`,

    restart NoMachine Server with `nxserver --restart`,

    log out from super user account.

    It should be noted that ulimit sets limits just for the current shell. This means that this action must be taken each time when running NoMachine.

2. Permanent solution:

    open terminal and log as super user using `su`,

    run `vi /etc/security/limits.conf`,

    type `* soft as unlimited` before ‘End of file’,

    reboot machine.

This solution will affect global limits that have been set by default.