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Added on: 2018-02-07
Last update: 2019-04-29
What's the difference between the free NoMachine package and Enterprise Desktop Subscription?

The NoMachine free package, tailored for personal use, never expires. By installing it on the host you want to access, you are allowed one connection to the desktop running there.

Enterprise Desktop, installed on the remote computer you want to access, offers unlimited connections to the remote physical desktop. Multiple users connecting, who must have an account on the remote host, will be able to simultaneously view and interact with the same physical desktop. In addition to the features available in NoMachine, users get:

- simultaneous connections to the desktop
- browser-based access
- connections over SSH

and purchasing an annual subscription also gives you access to technical assistance via the customer area. Enterprise Desktop has a starting price of $44.50.

What the two packages have in common is that they both include the connection user interface (NoMachine player) which lets you connect to another host with NoMachine server-side software installed. If users prefer to install just the NoMachine player component, so remote access to that computer won't be possible, Enterprise Client can be installed instead.

Check out our comparison of the two products for remote desktop access (