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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR03D00355
Applies to: NX Software
Added on: 2006-03-10
Last update: 2013-10-23
Playing sound inside a session with NX 3.5.0

If you are connecting to a remote Linux/Solaris application via any of the NX Client range, to enable the multimedia support inside your NX session, please access the Configure -> Services panel in the NX Client GUI and select 'Enable multimedia support'.

You will then be able to play sound inside your NX session running on Linux using the esdplay program to play the file through the EsounD system. To start esdplay you should run:

# esdplay yourAudioFile

You can also choose your preferred media player as long as it provides the Esound support. For example you could use the XMMS player and ensure to select the "eSound Output Plugin" in the xmms preferences.

Gnome and KDE Desktop configuration tipsMost Gnome applications use the gstreamer subsystem to play sounds.  Users will need to configure gstreamer to use esd as the output.


System -> Preferences -> More Preferences -> Multimedia System Selector
-> Audio -> Default Output Plugin -> Output = ESD


KDE Control Center -> Sound & Multimedia -> Sound System -> Hardware ->
Select the audio device = Enlightened Sound Daemon