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ID: AR03D00365
Applies to: NoMachine Licensing
Added on: 2006-03-29
Last update: 2020-12-17
Why renewing your NoMachine Server license is important

Starting from version 7, it is necessary for subscriptions to be renewed in order to continue to use the software, and keep your NoMachine server(s) in a functional state. When your subscription period has expired, the software will stop working and connections will no longer be possible.

This applies to v7 licenses, and also v5/v6 licenses activated in v7 software.

To minimize the impact in production environments, a reminder, which can also be disabled if preferred, will be visible to the administrator starting from 60 days before the expiry date.

Renewing software licenses each year means that you can continue to use our software,  receive updates, hot fixes and major releases. You also benefit from technical assistance provided by the NoMachine Support Team.

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