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Added on: 2006-03-29
Last update: 2020-12-21
What is a NoMachine Server Subscription and what is included?

If you are using NoMachine in a commercial environment, you need to purchase a subscription. Annual subscriptions are available for any of the enterprise-oriented products from the store. The subscriptions we offer give access to a number of features which are not available in the free version, and can vary depending on the product you choose.

An active subscription of any of the NoMachine for the Enterprise products includes one year of:

- access to free minor and major upgrades, hot fixes and other patches
- access to technical support and resources you can trust

Our product subscriptions can be compared here:

Support services vary according to the type of subscription you purchase: Standard or Premium.

Differences between Standard and Premium subscriptions can be seen here:

Support plans cannot be mixed. If one license on a given site is of Premium level, all other licenses on the same time must be of Premium level. Similarly, if activating Enterprise Terminal Server Premium Subscription, all Terminal Server Nodes associated to that Enterprise Terminal Server must be of Premium level.

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