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Added on: 2018-03-12
Last update: 2020-10-27
Is NoMachine for remote desktop free?

NoMachine is free to download and install for anyone who wants a remote desktop software for personal, or individual, use. I.e if you are looking for a remote access software to install on your home/office/school PC or Mac in order to access its files and documents, remotely work on your projects, play games, view or upload multimedia, carry out some remote admin work etc, you can install the free NoMachine package.

On the computer you want to access, install NoMachine for your OS which you can download from

On the connecting device, install the right package for your operating system (clients are available for Windows, Linux, Raspberry, Mac, iOS and Android). Please note that iOS and Android packages are available to download from their respective stores.

If you need to access your office computer, and provided it's not to carry out activities which would be considered "commercial usage" as per the EULA (, you can also install the free version.


What is considered private or individual use? The list can be endless and they can't all be clarified here, but some typical scenarios are:

- Accessing your own computer at home or at work to edit and view your personal files or projects.

- Accessing your family's or friend's computer to help them out.

- Sporadic remote administration of a computer at work.

So, what is considered commercial use?

A commercial user is defined as "an individual or entity, or an individual acting on behalf of an entity, who uses the Software or causes the Software to be used within or to provide commercial products or services to third parties."

Remember that on the connecting device, clients are free, so choose from NoMachine or Enterprise Client. On the host or computer you want to access, one of the NoMachine for the Enterprise products will be required. In our specific example, the alternative to the free NoMachine software package is Enterprise Desktop.

Some typical commercial scenarios:
- Offering access to a hosted desktop as part of your company's services for employees or customers.This includes academic and research institutions which want to offer hosted desktops to their students and staff.

- Reselling or using NoMachine software as part of a business-related service offering (for example, a service provider of desktops in the cloud, an organization/business offering services to third parties or to process third party data).

- Accessing multiple computers to carry out regular business-related activity for your organization.

A note on "Academic use": organizations that wish to provide remote access to students off-campus or as a remote learning/teaching tool is considered commercial usage and subscriptions for the remote computers being accessed will be required. An individual student who wishes to work on their projects off-campus independently may install the free version on their own computer provided they limit their usage to their own invidivudal work and are not using it to offer a service or process third party data on behalf of the organization. NoMachine offers special discounts for educational and research use, so please reach out to us to learn more about this.

Subscriptions to Enterprise Desktop are available to anyone who wants the benefit of technical assistance and unlimited connections on the remote desktop being accessed. See the following article for more details:

Compare the free version with Enterprise Desktop:

If you're still unsure whether your usage constitutes personal or private use, or have any questions about our commercial products in the Enterprise range, please contact us.