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ID: AR03R01080
Applies to: NoMachine Software
Added on: 2020-03-27
Last update: 2020-11-13
NoMachine USB forwarding limitations

Web cameras
The current implementation of NoMachine USB forwarding doesn't support some models of web cameras which use an isochronous video stream: the Web Camera cannot be forwarded from local to remote or when it's possible to forward it, the video is not streamed.

The video streaming problem has been reproduced with the following web camera models:
- Logitech Webcam C210
- Arkmicro Technologies Tracer USB2.0 MIC
- Microsoft LifeCam 1425

The following web camera model cannot be forwarded:
- Logitech Webcam C270 (tested from Windows 10 to Linux Mint 19.1).

This behavior is independent from the Operating System of client and server.

USB drivers
The NoMachine USB forwarding module uses specific methods and drivers that may be not compatible with third party drivers providing similar functionalities.

When ASMedia USB drivers are installed on the Windows host, the NoMachine setup will skip the installation of NoMachine USB drivers to avoid conflicts. USB forwarding will be therefore not possible in NoMachine sessions. To be able to install NoMachine drivers, uninstall the ASMedia USB Controller drivers and use the default Windows USB drivers. More details are available here:

See also for a list of known conflicting programs.

If you identify any other program which may lead to incompatibilities, please do not hesitate to report to us: