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ID: AR04O00923
Applies to: NoMachine Client
Added on: 2017-04-06
Last update: 2020-03-09
Command line options for the NoMachine client

The NoMachine client program, nxplayer, can be invoked by command line with a number of options that lets you start a session with a given connection file, run a NoMachine recorded video and define dimensions and position of the client window.

The possibility to run the client with specific parameters can be used to create shortcut links on the user's desktop that will run the application with the given settings.

To learn more about how to customize the client and session (.nxs) files, please consult the following document:

These are the available options:


  Run nxplayer reading global configuration settings from the file
  FILENAME. FILENAME can either be an absolute or relative path. In
  the latter case the path is searched for starting from the current
  directory. If no FILENAME is found in the current directory then
  FILENAME is searched for starting from the user's home directory.
  If DIRECTORY is given and a file 'client.cfg' is found in that di-
  rectory, then the global configuration settings are read from this
  file. The filename does not need to end with the string '.cfg'.

--geometry WxH[+X+Y]

  Define size (WxH) and optionally position (+X+Y) of the client window.   


  Display this help and exit.


  Use this option to hide the client window when connecting to a custom session
  running in floating window mode. The client window will appear again when
  the session disconnects.

--recording FILENAME

  Run the playback of the session video FILENAME.

  --session FILENAME [--new-session] [--exit]

  Run a session by reading the configuration settings from FILENAME.
  To always create a new virtual session provide additionally the
  '--new-session' option and ensure that the virtual desktop type
  or settings in case of a custom session have been previously saved
  in the connection file. Specify the '--exit' option to terminate
  the client application when the session is closed.


  Output version information and exit.


  Show the connection wizard before entering the list of available connections.

Only on Linux:


  When the setting 'Grab the keyboard input' doesn't catch all keys, use this
  option to force a different grabbing mode. The client will catch keys only
  when the cursor is inside the window.