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ID: AR04Q01023
Applies to: NoMachine Licensing
Added on: 2019-04-08
Last update: 2020-11-13
How customers can add support contacts via their Customer Area

Customers can add/modify/delete support contacts from their Customer Area in the Your Details -> Customer Support Contact(s) area.
At any moment, they can enable or disable each of the additional support contacts to login to the Customer Area.

If enabled, the support contact receives an e-mail with a temporary link to enter the Customer Area and set his/her password. After accepting the privacy policies, the user can access the Customer Area and set his/her password in the Your Details -> Change Password area.

Additional support contacts enabled to log-in to the Customer Area can:
- open and follow-up Support Enquiries and receive the correspondent e-mail notifications
- choose the contacts (among those available) who will be notified about the Support Enquiry
- download server side and client packages
- access the purchase history and download licenses

They cannot instead: 
- renew the current licenses
- manage contacts in the 'Customer Support' area


Note that the owner of the Customer ID (the main email contact) can only be changed by contacting us,

To add a new Support Contact:

1) Log-in to the Customer Area by using your Customer ID and password: .
You got them at the time of your purchase in the 'Confirmation mail' sent by the Sales Team.

2) In the 'Your details' panel, go to the 'Customer Support Contact(s)' box and click on 'Add'.

3) In the form for adding the contact, you may specify if you want to create a new account or not.

If you choose 'Create Account to open enquiries', the new support contact will be able to use his/her own credentials to access the Customer Area.

4) Fill the form and click on 'Apply'.
Two emails will be sent automatically, one to you and one to the new support contact you've just added.

5) If an account has been created, the new support contact should open the email and click on the temporary link to access the Customer Area.

6) In the Customer Area, the new support contact needs to set his/her password in the Your Details -> Change Password area.

7) Once done, the new support contact has to log-off and login again to the Customer Area by entering his/her e-mail address and password.