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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR04Q01027
Applies to: NoMachine Software
Added on: 2019-04-30
Last update: 2020-11-23
How to handle possible conflicts between NoMachine USB module and third party drivers

The NoMachine USB forwarding module uses specific methods and drivers that may be not compatible with third party drivers providing similar functionalities.

In this case, we recommend to disable the third party USB drivers to ensure a correct functioning of USB forwarding in NoMachine.

You can find below a list of known programs which may cause conflicts on some OS-es:

- USB Network Gate (formerly Eltima USB Gate),
- FlexiHub,
- Teradici,
- VirtualHere,
- ASMedia USB Controller drivers (more details can be found here:

If you identify any other program which may lead to a USB conflict, please do not hesitate to report to us:


1) Programs listed above are visible in the Windows "Add or Remove Programs" panel. To remove any of them, simply uninstall it from that panel.

2) ASMedia USB Controller drivers is a driver, listed as well in "Add or Remove Programs". You can uninstall it from there. After uninstalling the driver and restarting the host machine, double-check that the driver file C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\asmthub3.sys is deleted. 

3) In case of doubts, or if requested, collect and send us:

3.1) NoMachine logs, compress and send the %PROGRAMDATA%\NoMachine\var\log\ folder.

3.2) Windows install log, it's a like: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\Setup Log...

4) If client and server host are both Windows, even if the conflict is only on one machine, you will not see devices from both of them. Checking for conflicting drivers and collecting logs need to be done on both machines.