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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR05O00930
Applies to: NoMachine Software
Added on: 2017-05-23
Last update: 2019-11-29
Displaying NoMachine on monitors beyond 4k

NoMachine fully supports multi-monitors or large screen up to 4k resolution. In case of multi-monitors, the global resolution is given by the sum of resolution of each monitor. For example, if you have four monitors at 4K, the final resolution is 4x4=16 k. While it's possible to display a NoMachine remote desktop on one single monitor at 4k, it's not possible to do that on a 4-screen full/Ultra HD multi-monitor setup. Tests in our labs evidenced that the NoMachine session can be displayed up to a 2x4K resolution with the caution to use VP8 encoding (H.264 generally allows up to 4K, while VP8 supports a maximum resolution of 16384x16384).

The implementation of this feature request:, which permits to treat each monitor of a multi-monitor set-up as an invidual monitor, will also permit to noticeably increase the upper limiti of maximum resolution supported.