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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR07K00682
Applies to: NoMachine Server
Added on: 2013-07-23
Last update: 2019-11-28
How to install NoMachine on Windows in silent or verysilent mode

This article applies to NoMachine 4 and later versions. If you wish to install any of the NoMachine packages without having any Windows dialogs shown during the installation, you can run the installation from command line and use the silent or verysilent switch.

How to install

From a CMD console:

  • Move to the folder where you have downloaded the NoMachine package.
  • Install the package by running:

    >nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe /silent


    >nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe /verysilent

    For example:
    >nomachine_4.4.6_1.exe /verysilent


  • Installation is completed when you see your prompt back.
  • Reboot the machine (it's necessary to complete the installation of the server, so if you are installing the nomachine-enterprise-client, you can omit this step):

    > SHUTDOWN -r -t 10 -c " your comments here"

    You can find more information about how to use the remote shutdown tool here:

To specify a non-default installation directory, use:

nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe  /SILENT /DIR="X:Target_directory"


nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe  /VERYSILENT /DIR="X:Target_directory"

For example:

nomachine_4.4.6_1.exe /SILENT /DIR="X:Target_directory"


nomachine_4.4.6_1.exe /VERYSILENT /DIR="X:Target_directory"

Note for Windows XP: the NoMachine server will not start until the machine is rebooted.

Skipping the installation of USB modules

Since NoMachine version 6.7.6, the setup procedure for Windows, when executed manually, accepts a command line option to skip the installation of NoMachine USB modules:

nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe /usbinstall="0" /silent 


nomachine-packageName_packageVersion.exe /usbinstall="0" /verysilent

Next updates via command line will still require to specify the usbinstall=0 option to skip the installation of USB modules. If you don't specify it, the USB module will be installed.

Updates via package manager or NoMachine automatic software updates will install the USB module.

How to uninstall

From a CMD console:

  • If you are on Vista/7/8/10, move to:

    if you are on XP instead, move to:
    C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/NoMachine/var/uninstall/

  • Uninstall NoMachine software by running:

    > unins000.exe /silent


    > unins000.exe /verysilent

  • Uninstalling is completed when your command prompt is back
  • NOTE: when uninstalling is completed, your computer will restart automatically.