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ID: AR07L00808
Applies to: NoMachine Licensing
Added on: 2014-07-18
Last update: 2018-08-21
Differences between NoMachine Enterprise Desktop and the free to download NoMachine package

The free to download NoMachine software (NoMachine) allows one connection to the remote physical desktop. It offers the possibility to log in to any Linux, Windows, Mac or Raspberry machine on any network to access all your files, folders, multi-media material and basically carry out everyday activities on that machine just as if you were sitting in front of it. This product is for personal use. It is installed on the remote computer you want to access. On the connecting client you can install NoMachine or Enterprise Client to launch the connection to the host where you installed the free version of NoMachine.

Enterprise Desktop, also installed on the remote computer you want to access, offers unlimited connections to the remote physical desktop. Multiple users connecting, who must have an account on the remote host, will be able to view and interact with the same physical desktop. On the connecting client you can install either the free-to-download NoMachine or Enterprise Client packages: either will let you launch the connection to the host.

Enterprise Desktop is licensed on an annual subscription basis. In addition to the rich feature-list of the free version, it also offers SSH support and web access (from v. 6 onward) and can be part of a multi-server environment behind a Cloud Server. Enterprise Desktop is ideal for both business users and companies which wish to adopt a remote desktop solution for their employees. The subscription also includes technical assistance.

Single subscription or Pack of 10? A single subscription option with basic support is available for those users of the free version of NoMachine who wish to have more than one connection or want to access via web or just want access to technical assistance from the NoMachine team. Alternatively, organizations with multiple systems can opt for the Enterprise Desktop Subscription Pack (10 subscriptions per pack) which offers enterprise-grade support.

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