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Added on: 2008-09-26
Last update: 2019-09-23
How are NoMachine products licensed?

Licenses to use any of the pay-for 'server' products are available as subscriptions. Subscriptions are installed on the remote host i.e the computer that you want to connect to. NoMachine software is not licensed per connecting client to the remote host. On the connecting client, it's possible to install either of the free NoMachine or Enterprise Client packages. These are available for a number of operating systems and you can download and install either as many times as you like. There is no fee for the free NoMachine software, nor for Enterprise Client.

Once the appropriate NoMachine package is installed on the remote host, you connect to it to access a desktop or application running there. Installing a subscription license activates certain features depending on what package you install on the server. For example, Enterprise Desktop enables unlimited connections to the physical desktop running on the host, whereas products for the Terminal Server range enables anything from 4 to an unlimited number of virtual Linux desktops.

Subscriptions are currently available for Enterprise Desktop, Cloud Server and the Terminal Server range.To allow customers to try the product before purchasing, we make evaluation versions freely available for download. Active subscriptions include technical assistance and updates to the software. The duration of a subscription is by default one year, after which customers should renew to continue to receive the same benefits as before.

The EULA governing the use of the software is available at the following link: