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ID: AR09H00575
Applies to: NoMachine Software
Added on: 2010-09-25
Last update: 2013-11-29
The README file for the NoMachine OpenSSH Win32 Port


- Added the INSTALL.win32 to the package. It provides installation
  instructions for the OpenSSH win32 port.


- Adjusted sources to compile with mingw-gcc 4.7.


- Ported statvfs and fstatvfs extensions in sftp-server on Windows.

- Added support for Windows domain accounts.

- Added support for network logon if interactive one failed on Windows.

- Implemented Kerberos authentication using MIT/Kerberos and native

- Disabled stdin echo while reading password on Windows.

- sshd doesn't need lsa, when target user is owner of sshd process
  on Windows.

- Integrated ssh-lsa with openssh tree.

- Fixed resource leaks in sshd on Windows.

- Fixed possible hang up in ssh on Windows.

- Fixed clean up of Winsta0 DACL on server side.

- Added 'PamLibrary' option to sshd_config. This option changes
  default path to if no specified default path is used.

- Ported -oAuthorizedKeysFile to Windows.

- Fixed path expanding under SYSTEM account on Windows.

- Fixed block issue when the same socket used for stdin and stdout in
  sftp-server on Windows.

- Fixed possible heap corruption on file copying in sftp-server.

- Fixed possible connection drop, when copying big files in
  sftp-server on Windows.

- Removed one redundant code page conversion in sftp-server on Windows.

- Fixed access to root directory in sftp-server on Windows.

- Fixed wrong exit code in SERVICE_CONTROL_STOP handler on Windows.

- Changed encoding local characters while formatting error messages on

- Speeded up retreving HANDLE's type, when socket used on Windows.

- Set stdout to binary mode as default if pipe is used in ssh on


- Updated to OpenSSH version 5.9p1.

- The openSSH SFTP client has been ported to Win 32.


- The following tools have been ported to Win32: ssh-agent, ssh-add,
  sftp-server program and ssh-keygen. All the basic functionalities
  related to the creation of the key-pairs are fully supported. The
  managing of the known_hosts file is missing.

- Added support to SSH client for MIT Kerberos for Windows and for
  authorization based on smartcard devices.

- Updated SSH server to support login also when the account doesn't
  have administrative privileges.

- Added support for native RSA/DSA key authorization via nxlsa, a new
  NX tool. Installing this tool requires administrative privileges and
  a reboot of the machine.

- The ProxyCommand option is now supported on Win32.

- Added support for installing SSHD as a service by means of sc.exe
  command line tool for Windows. Since command line parameters are not
  passed to the SSHD process, a default sshd_config file is searched
  in the following locations: in the installation directory where
  sshd.exe is located (e.g. C:sshd); the directory 'etc' under
  the installation directory (e.g. C:sshdetc), and the directory 'etc'
  in the installation directory (e.g C:etc).

- Improved SSH server to be fully operative on Windows Vista. SSHD can
  work on Windows XP without SP1.

- Improved logging facilities of SSHD: now all instances of the SSH
  server log to the same file and SSHD creates a minidump file if a
  crash occurs.

- Solved problem with processes that may be left running when the SSHD
  service is stopped or after an abnormal closure of the SSH session.

- Fixed some memory leaks.

- Fixed possible crashes of SSHD when a great number of connections is

- Fixed possible hanging of the SSHD service that may occurr when the
  SSH session is closing and when reading a passphrase.

- Fixed logging behavior of SSH client. Now when the client is run in
  debug mode, output of packet dumps can be redirected to a file.
  Solved other issues occurring when packet dumps when standard error
  is redirected.

- Fixed a problem related to the inheritance of handles in SSHD.

- Fixed a bug in the session_get() function causing a segmentation
  fault of SSHD.

- Fixed the closure of startup pipes. This solves a problem which was
  limiting the number of sessions to 10.

- Fixed a problem causing a delay in establishing the connection when
  SSHD is started as a Win32 service. Speeded-up login.

- Disabled the privilege separation on Win32.

- Solved issues preventing the correct detection of home directory
  either on Windows 7 and when the user domain is set to NULL.

- Fixed a segmentation fault of SSHD on Windows 7 at 64bit.

- Added the setting of the USERPROFILE variable to the value detected
  just after a successful login.


- Updated to OpenSSH version 5.4p1.


- Added the Win32 compat layer.

- The Win32 layer provides support for: User identity and password
  management functions like getuid(),setuid(),getpw*() and others;
  string management functions like strcasecmp(), strncasecmp() and
  other functions such as gettimeofday() and gethomedir(); management
  of file descriptors, file handlers and sockets in an unified way;
  file descriptor and sockets functions such as fstat(), fdopen(),
  open(), dup(),dup2(), pipe(),create(),shutdown(),accept(),read(),
  write(),close(), socket(), setsockopt(),getsockopt(), getpeername(),
  getsockname(), ioctlsocket(), listen(),bind(),connect(), and others;
  the select() function which can work on sockets, files, pipes and
  console handlers; Windows users authentication.

- Introduced some changes to the OpenSSH code for: supporting the
  CreateProcess() function replacing fork() and allowing compilation
  on Win32 platform.

- Open Issues: SSHD cannot be installed as a Windows service by means
  of Win32 administrative tools; if SSHD is running as a Windows
  service, it requires that property 'Allow service to interact with
  desktop' is set; to allow the connecting user to be authenticated by
  SSHD, it is necessary that the user belongs to the 'Administrators'
  group; if the connecting user has been authorized with public key
  authentication, the GetUserName() function always returns 'SYSTEM'
  instead of the username; possible crashes may occur during autho-
  rization phase when SSHD is running on Vista; port of the ssh-keygen
  tool is not available in this version.