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ID: AR09L00813
Applies to: NoMachine Software
Added on: 2014-09-25
Last update: 2019-04-30
Why does NoMachine client use libssh2 for SSH connections?

Starting from version 4.3, SSH connections from end-users' computer use the libssh2 library shipped with the NoMachine packages. Libssh2 is a a client-side C library implementing the SSH2 protocol, more information is available from the website

This allows NoMachine clients  to support SSH connections and use the SSH2 protocol on all devices, included mobile devices (Android tablets and iPads), reducing the dependencies on the target platform and uniforming behavior across all platforms.

This means that the NoMachine client is no longer using the ssh client available on the system (Linux and Mac) or the nxssh client shipped with the NoMachine package on Windows. The NoMachine client can however be configured to use any compatible SSH client already present on the system. On Windows, where installing and using a native SSH client may be less simple than on Linux or Mac, NoMachine provides its own SSH client, nxssh, which is based on the NoMachine port of OpenSSH to Win32:

Note that this nxssh component, even if named as nxssh 3.5.0, is a completely different program. For more information about nxssh in version 3.5.0 please read here:

While using libssh2 is suitable for almost all environments, administrators who have custom configurations for their SSH server may need to use the system SSH client instead. In this case they should inform their users to switch back to the native SSH client on their PCs as explained in the guidelines below.

How to use the native (system) SSH client on the end-user's  machine

- Edit the client configuration file.

It's the player.cfg file in the .nx/config directory under the user's home ($HOME/.nx/config/player.cfg on Linux and Mac). On Windows the .nx folder is hidden, you need to navigate through the computer folder to the user's home and type .nx in the navigation toolbar to reach it. Then go to the config subfolder to edit the player.cfg file.

- In the player.cfg file, modify the value of the following key from:

<option key="SSH client mode" value="library" />


<option key="SSH client mode" value="native" />