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Searching in: Articles & FAQs
ID: AR10B00012
Applies to: NX Software
Added on: 2004-10-04
Last update: 2010-01-12
How can I get the right package for my Linux distribution?

Starting from NX 3.0.0, NoMachine, in order to cover the widest number of versions for the supported Linux Operating Systems, offers three families of RPM, DEB and Compressed TAR packages

  • NX Client, NX Node, NX Server and NX Server for 32bit architecture.
  • NX Client, NX Node, NX Server and NX Server for 64bit architecture.
  • NX Client, NX Node, NX Server and NX Server for 32bit architecture (for O.S. not shipped with

    Please note that NX Client for 32bit architecture for O.S. not shipped with  works correctly on 64bit hardware, as long as the Operating System offers support for 32bit applications.

In order to avoid possible errors, please be careful to avoid mixing up NX packages coming from different families.

To retrieve the list of the supported platforms and download packages suitable for your O.S. you may refer at:

If you are using a less recent version of any of the supported O.S., you may
refer to the following download section:

Please note that, at the time of an NX release, it is possible that packages for older Linux distributions are slightly delayed.

In listing the operating systems that you can see in the download section, NoMachine is guaranteeing its customers support and fixes for those OSes.
Users who cannot see their Linux distribution among our supported list are still welcome to download and try the NX software. For example, users of OpenSuse should download the rpm packages for 32/64bit. The fact that a particular OS is not among our official list should not be taken as an indication that the NX software is not suitable.

You are also kindly invited to read the following article about the libraries which are shipped/not shipped with NX to know more about installing correctly for your particular OS.