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ID: AR10I00603
Applies to: NoMachine Licensing
Added on: 2011-10-11
Last update: 2015-10-16
Upgrade from NX 3.5.0 to NoMachine on Linux and compatibility policies

Starting from version 4, a unique package is necessary to set up a working installation on server side (with version 3.5.0 the client and node packages were a pre-requisite for installing the server).  Server packages 4 provide all the components required (in version 3.x.x and earlier there were three separate components to install!).

Provided that license is not expired, NX Server installation version 3.5.0 can be upgraded with a server package version 4 or 5. 

An NX Node installation can be upgraded with the Terminal Server Server Node package.

An NX Client installation can be upgraded with the Enterprise Client package.

Naming convention:

NX, NX Client, NX Node and NX Server refer to NX software version 3.5.0.

NoMachine, NoMachine client, NoMachine Terminal Server Node, NoMachine server refer to NoMachine software version 4 or 5.



Compatibility with NX 3.5.0 is fully preserved with NoMachine, provided that:

- You use SSH protocol and 'NoMachine login' to connect from a NoMachine client to a NX Server 3.5.0.

- Your NoMachine server supports SSH protocol connections if you want to connect by a NX Client 3.5.0.

We provide compatibility between NoMachine and NX 3.5.0 software by supporting:

- Upgrade of server installation from NX 3.5.0 to NoMachine.

- Running sessions from NX Client 3.5.0 to NoMachine server and from NoMachine (client) to NX Server 3.5.0.

- Reconnection of virtual sessions and session migration from NX client 3.5.0 to NoMachine (client) and vice-versa.

- Compatibility of .nxs session files 3.5.0 with NoMachine (client).  NoMachine session files are compatible with NX Client 3.5.0.

Nevertheless, in order to fully leverage all the new features provided with NoMachine, both the software on server and client side must be upgraded to the same version.

What is available if server is 3.5.0 and client is NoMachine Enterprise Client

Most of the new services will not be available if the server is still version 3.5.0. When a service is not available, it is disabled in the NoMachine menu panel displayed within the session (ctrl+alt+0 to open it) . For example microphone, network servers, USB forwarding cannot be supported because they require server side components of version 4 or later.

On the client side, it is not possible to mount printers and shares when NoMachine Client is connected to server 3.5.0 because the client no longer provides support for SMBFS file sharing and SMB/CUPS printing. That's because NoMachine relies on a different mechanism to offer two-way printing and sharing of resources between remote and local desktops.

NoMachine client preserves compatibility with the audio infrastructure of server 3.5.0.

Finally, even if all settings related to display or image quality can be changed at session runtime via the NoMachine toolbar, they will be effective only at the next session startup.

What is available if server is NoMachine and client is NX Client 3.5.0

NoMachine (server) still has support for SMBFS file sharing and SMB/CUPS printing and for ESD Sound Server. In this ways it is possible to mount printers or folder from NX Client 3.5.0 as well as play audio.



The general rule to perform an upgrade from NX version 3.5.0 to NoMachine is that the installed software can be upgraded by a package that contains the same software. The upgrade procedure will create a backup of all the relevant configurations and will try to apply them to avoid manual intervention.

For 3.5.0 customers: NoMachine server 4 and 5 is able to work with a valid license 3.5.0 corresponding to the same type of product.For  example a license v. 3.5.0 for NX Advanced Server allows to have a NoMachine Enterprise Server. A license v. 3.5.0 for NX Enterprise Server allows to have a NoMachine Terminal Server.

You must have a valid non-expired 3.5.0 license in order to do this.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, please read the following document providing instructions for upgrading a 3.5.0 production environment.

Upgrading the server to NoMachine 5:

Upgrading the server to NoMachine 4:

Upgrade  NX Client or NX Node or NX Server 3.5.0 from RPM

In order to perform a clean upgrade, It is mandatory to use the rpm option '-U'. This ensures that the old packages are correctly removed from the Package Manager db and correctly replaced by the new version of the software.

$ sudo rpm -Uvh packageName.rpm

Upgrade  NX Client or NX Node or NX Server 3.5.0 from DEB

$ sudo dpkg  -i packageName.deb

Upgrade NX Client 3.5.0 from TAR.GZ 

$ sudo tar xvzf packageName.tar.gz

$ sudo /usr/NX/nxclient --update


Upgrade NX Node 3.5.0 from TAR.GZ

$ sudo tar xvzf packageName.tar.gz

$ sudo /usr/NX/nxnode --update


Upgrade NX Server 3.5.0 from TAR.GZ

$ sudo tar xvzf packageName.tar.gz

$ sudo /usr/NX/nxserver --update