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ID: AR10K00711
Applies to: NoMachine Licensing
Added on: 2013-10-09
Last update: 2020-04-02
Purchasing a subscription from the NoMachine for the Enterprise range

Subscription licenses files are installed on the remote computer you want to access.

Purchasing a subscription activates a certain number of features and functionalities according to the product you choose. Additionally, a subscription entitles you to receive technical assistance with certain response times, to access hot fixes, plus minor and major upgrades for that product type for a period of one year. To continue to get access to support, updates and upgrades, subscriptions must be renewed.

How subscriptions are licensed

One subscription license is installed on each remote computer ("host" or "server"). Depending on what subscription you purchase will dictate what features and functionalities are made available. Customers can compare products here:

Subscriptions are also divided in two types (Standard and Premium) according to response time and assistance type i.e. web-based or phone. The complete list can be found here: This section also provides a link to the Susbcription Level Agreement.

IMPORTANT: NoMachine does not offer a client access-based model. NoMachine Clients are completely free to download and install. You can install Enterprise Client if you prefer only a connection GUI, or the free-to-download NoMachine package which enables remote access to and from the computer on which it is installed.

NoMachine makes its server products available in two versions: Evaluation and Production versions. Evaluation versions are available for all enterprise-oriented products. The evaluation software gives you a period of 30 days. After the initial 30 day trial period, users can decide to purchase a subscription, and receive assistance for technical issues and questions they might have regarding use of NoMachine products. Alternatively, customers who wish to extend the evaluation period can contact us. The production version is made available in the customer area which you can access once you have received your ID and password.

When purchasing a license it will mean that after one year you will no longer be able to benefit from updates and/or support unless you renew the subscription. Should you decide not to renew, the software will continue to work as before but as expired software. Administrators will see a warning message printed whenever they check the version of the server software. Administrators may check the expiry status of the subscriptions with the command nxserver --subscription. Note that you will not be able to benefit from upgrades once your subscription has expired. Trying to upgrade once your software has expired will cause your software to stop functioning correctly.

Customers who wish to continue benefiting from support and upgrades will have to renew their subscription. Only then will they be able to download updates from their customer area to upgrade the NoMachine server installations.

Technical assistance for expired subscriptions can be received by purchasing Pay-Per-Incidents. This won't give customers the right to receive software updates. Customers will need to renew their subscription in order to receive a consolidated version of the software.

Please also familiarize yourself with our refund policy: