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Added on: 2013-10-11
Last update: 2019-05-28
What can I do with NoMachine?

NoMachine for Mac, Windows or Linux lets you connect to your own desktop remotely to grab forgotten documents, watch one of your videos stored on it, or play your favorite game. One connection is permitted with the free version to let you get access to the physical desktop of the remote computer. It can also be installed on a virtual machine running one of the supported platforms.

Alternatively, you can let a friend connect to your desktop when you're working on it. It’s as if you’re sitting down in front of a computer together with them. You will both see the same desktop. Your friend can troubleshoot your computer, or you can help them. You can collaborate on a document together, watch a film, swap files, whatever you want.

To access your remote desktop using NoMachine, you will need to have a user account on the remote computer you want to connect to. See our online tutorial to get started: