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ID: AR10K00728
Applies to: NoMachine Server
Added on: 2013-10-24
Last update: 2017-11-13
Connecting by SSH to a NoMachine host in version 4 or later

The free product, NoMachine, does not support connections by SSH. SSH is supported in any of the products aimed at the enterprise like Workstation, Terminal Server and so on. For a comprehensive view of the products in the enterprise range, please check the following sections:

If you try to connect to a server with the free to download NoMachine package installed via any client using a session file from 3.5.0, which by design uses the SSH protocol, you will get the following message: 

SSH connections are not supported on this server.

To connect to a host where you have installed the free to download NoMachine package, you need to connect via NX protocol. To connect by NX protocol, open the NoMachine User Interface (GUI) from Programs menu or Applications, edit the connection settings and select NX as the protocol. You can also use the Wizard to configure the connection for you if you prefer. Just select 'New' upon opening the GUI.

If you prefer to use SSH, you can tunnel the NX protocol in a SSH connection. Pre-requisite is to have a SSH client on your client machine and a SSH server on your server machine. Follow the instructions below to tunnel via a SSH connection:

Open the tunnel from a console on your NoMachine client host. Let's assume that you want to use port 4003 : 

   $ ssh -L 4003:localhost:4000 username@serverhost

username is a user who can connect to the server by SSH and server host is the IP address or hostname of the machine where NoMachine (versions 4, 5 and later) is installed. 

For example:

$ ssh -L 4003:localhost:4000 john@

Then run the NoMachine User Interface.

Be sure you specify the following in your connection settings:

Protocol NX

Host localhost

Port 4003

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