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Added on: 2013-11-19
Last update: 2017-12-13
What does "The NoMachine service is not available" mean?

The NoMachine service is not available

When getting this message in v. 6, it's likely you are trying to connect to the remote computer using the SSH protocol but the NoMachine server is not installed there. 


With previous versions, a similar message:

The NoMachine service is not available or the access was disabled on host ---.---.---.---

is issued when trying to connect to a NoMachine server v. 5 or 4 which doesn't support SSH. All enterprise-oriented products (in the NoMachine for the Enterprise) support SSH connections. The free to download NoMachine product doesn't.

In this case you will have to select the NX protocol in connection settings -> Edit connection -> protocol.

Please see the article below for detailed instructions on how to select the NX protocol in the NoMachine connection UI:

This same message can be also displayed in other cases, all depending on the fact the server was contacted by the client using the SSH service while the NoMachine server was either stopped or the SSH access was disabled. See also: