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ID: AR12O00952
Applies to: NoMachine Software
Added on: 2017-12-06
Last update: 2020-02-14
Which packages are available in the Customer Area?

The Customer Area hosts server side packages tied to your license plus Enterprise Client packages for Windows, Linux and Mac. It also provides links to AVC packages if you have purchased them.

N.B: Note that since v. 6.6.8, acquiring the AVC package as an add-on for connecting clients and remote hosts with the free NoMachine package installed is no longer necessary since the H.264 libraries are shipped in all NoMachine software. See also:

Server packages available in the Customer Area depend on the license type and version you have acquired. Such packages (and AVC packages) can be downloaded till the license is valid.

Once the license has expired, only NoMachine Enterprise Client packages will continue to be available since they are not linked to the customer's license.

License version and correspondent package version in the Customer Area

1) If you own a license v. 6, you will find: packages v. 6

2) If you own a license v. 5, you will find: packages v. 6 and v. 5

3) If you still own a license v. 4, you will find: packages v. 6, v. 5 and v. 4.
    NoMachine v. 4 was discontinued in December 2017 and now considered legacy. Customers should update v4 installations following the
    recommended update procedures.

For each branch, versions 6, 5 (and 4 for those customers with valid licenses), you will always find the last version of NoMachine software in your Customer Area. If a different version is necessary for very specific reasons, you may contact the Support Team by opening a Support Enquiry from your Customer Area or the Sales Team by opening a Contact Request.


License and Operating System

Server licenses for Linux are tied to the distribution. If your license has been generated for Red Hat platform, you will find RPM server packages. If the license was generated for Ubuntu, you will find DEB packages.

Please see also the following article about support entitlements when migrating to a different operating system or Linux distribution:


Download the server side package

You are entitled to download two copies of the last server package for each server license you own. Only if strictly necessary, you may click on the 'Send request' button to ask our Sales Team to re-enable the link.


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