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ID: FR01R03912
Added on:  2020-01-14
Last update: 2020-09-23
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 6
Status:  Approved
Providing server configuration keys for defining the Kerberos/GSSAPI library to be used

In order to better support multiple implementations and configurations of Kerberos/GSSAPI authentication, administrators should have the possibility to define in the server configuration which Kerberos library module and GSSAPI library have to be used to authenticate users when connecting by NoMachine. This applies when there's more than one Kerberos/GSSAPI libraries version installed on the NoMachine server host.

The new keys in the server.cfg which allow to define which Kerberos/GSSAPI library has to be used are:

# Specify path to the Kerberos library module to be used for user's
# authentication.
#NXKerberosLibraryPath ""

# Specify path to the GSSAPI library to be used for authentication.
#NXGssapiLibraryPath ""


1) This implementation allows to support also Heimdal Kerberos.

2) The ability to select GSSAPI/Kerberos modules on client side requires the implementation of FR01R03912 and FR12Q03908 are independent.


Notify me when the FR is implemented.