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ID: FR01S04061
Added on:  2021-01-15
Last update: 2021-02-25
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 8
Status:  Approved
Load-balancing connections among Cloud Servers in failover cluster mode

The load-balancing of client connections between two Cloud Server will be possible when these servers are set-up in failover cluster mode.

When enabled, client connections will be distributed between the primary and the secondary Cloud Server according to a plain round-robin (RR) algorithm.

If a failover occurs on the primary server (CS1), the other server (CS2) will take over the shared IP and users will be able to reconnect their sessions on the nodes, but they will all connect to the same server CS2. When CS1 is online again, the load-balancing of new connections between the two servers will start again.

in order to load-balancing Linux virtual desktops, adopt the Enterprise Terminal Server + Terminal Server Nodes. If you want to provide a single point of access to multiple ETS, add them under a Cloud Server.

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