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ID: FR02L02809
Added on:  2014-02-26
Last update: 2018-10-30
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Client
Target: 6
Status:  Approved
Running NoMachine client in kiosk mode

To facilitate the use of NoMachine player on thin clients, some of the default settings or behaviour of the connection UI need to be configurable.

For example to disable showing the Welcome panels (tutorials shown at session startup) , to not allow player preferences to be changed and so on.

This can be done on client side by starting the client with any of the following options:

Don't show the NoMachine welcome screens (the tutorial panels) before and after the connection to the server.

Don't allow the user to modify the player preferences.

Don't allow the user to modify the session configuration. When a session file is given, connect to the server and exit the player when the session ends.

Don't allow the user to close the client window and leave the process running foverer. Please note that the application can be closed with system tools if the user can access them.

 Don't allow the user to save username and password in the connection file.

Don't allow the user to create new connection files other than those stored in the default connection folder.


As an alternative, it's possible to apply these configurations by creating zero length files in the 'share' directory under the NoMachine installation directory. E.g. '/usr/NX/share'.

Name of the zero lenght file must be the same of the corresponding command line option, for example the file 'noexit' will enable the '--noexit' option, and so on.


Additionally, preventing users from storing their credentials on their devices can be configured on server side by enabling or disabling the following key in the server.cfg file:

EnableClientCredentialsStoring 1, default, users can save their credentials in the connection file.

EnableClientCredentialsStoring 0, the NoMachine client will reset username and password as soon as the user connects to the server.


Preventing users from storing credentials by disabling the EnableClientCredentialsStoring  key on the server is always efficient when users connect by NX protocol. In this case credentials are requested only after that the connection is established and the NoMachine server has instructed the client to not allow saving credentials.

When the SSH protocol with the system login is used, instead, credentials are requested before that the client-server connection is established. If the connection is not established, there is no way for the NoMachine server to contact the client and prevent users from saving credentials.

Notify me when the FR is implemented.