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ID: FR02M02864
Added on:  2014-08-15
Last update: 2020-12-30
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Client
Target: 7
Status:  Approved
Adding an option to use native resolution on High-DPI displays

Starting from OS X 10.8 and Windows 8, operating systems support High-DPI displays by scaling onscreen elements to have crisp texts and images. When working in such HiDPI mode the screen resolution is smaller than the native resolution, because more pixels are used to render objects on screen. Native resolution can still be used by changing system preferences, allowing to have more space on screen rather than a crisper view.

When the HiDPI mode is enabled, NoMachine creates virtual desktops with a resolution smaller than the native resolution, i.e. the current resolution returned by the operating system. There should be the option to always use the native resolution regardless of the operating system's view mode, and scale accordingly the remote screen content to use the available space on screen.

This implementation will be disabled by default.

Notify me when the FR is implemented.