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ID: FR03R03949
Added on:  2020-03-18
Last update: 2020-03-18
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Client
Target: 6
Status:  Approved
Offer a way to configure the client window behaviour through blacklisted parameters

The client will implement a method to blacklist a predefined set of parameters changing how the user can interact with the client window.
Parameters can be configured through a comma separated list in the player.cfg file or with the command line option --deny.

The first implementation will support the following values:

Don't allow users to close the client window through in-app controls. The application can still be closed through system tools.

Don't allow users to toggle the fullscreen or multiscreen mode (enable or disable it).

Don't allow users to minimize the client window.

Example: nxplayer --deny close,minimize

Notify me when the FR is implemented.