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ID: FR03R03965
Added on:  2020-03-31
Last update: 2020-11-19
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 7
Status:  Approved
Changing how NoMachine software handles expired licenses

Starting from version 7, once the customer license is expired, the NoMachine software will cease to work after 60 days from the expiry date. It is now necessary for subscriptions to be renewed in order to continue to use the software. This applies to v7 licenses and also v5 or v6 licenses activated in version 7 software.

We offer a 60 days grace period  to our customer for proceeding comfortably with their renewal in order to continue to use the software and minimize impact in their production environment.

During the grace period, the software continues to work but any attempt to update or upgrade the installation will be forbidden.


In order to advise administrators that the NoMachine software will stop working, clear messages will be provided: 

1) once a day in the server logs (nxserver.log)

2)  every time a nxserver command is executed on the command line

60 days before the license expiration date:

Your NoMachine subscription is going to expire on <expiry date>.
Starting from version 7 NoMachine server will stop working in 60 days after the expiry date. 
Please contact your NoMachine provider or the Support Team for renewal options.

 and during the grace period:

Your NoMachine subscription is expired. 
The NoMachine server will stop working on <expiry date + 60 days>.
Please contact your NoMachine provider or the Support Team for renewal options.
After the grace period, the NoMachine server and services are shutdown. When the user connects to that server, he/she will receive the same message printed when the services are not reachable:

The remote host 'xxx' refused to establish a network connection on port '4000'. Please verify that NoMachine is correctly installed and listening on the port where you are trying to connect, and that incoming traffic is not being blocked by a firewall or NAT.

Information about the new server behaviour when licenses are expired will be provided also in:

- the Customer Area.

- In the server's guide in the paragraph related to license's activation.


- an e-mail notification about the new behaviour will be sent to all our customers when the version 7 is released.


Please note, evaluation licenses in version 7 will behave the same way as in version 6.

Notify me when the FR is implemented.