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ID: FR05J02679
Added on:  2012-05-03
Last update: 2016-07-01
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Client
Implemented in: 5.1.22
Status:  Implemented
Lock down the NoMachine menu inside the session and other features

In some cases administrators may need to lock down the NoMachine client application so that users are limited in what they can do in the Connection UI.

This kind of locks have to be set on server side by using the appropriate server configuration keys and can be considered like a 'server side kiosk mode'.

These are the client features that can be ruled on server side.

1) Disable button icons in the NoMachine menu inside the session

Administrators can choose which button icon(s) to disable, for example the Devices and/or the Recording button icon and so on.

2) Disable the NoMachine menu inside the session

This is a sub-case of 1): if all buttons are disabled, the NoMachine toolbar is not displayed

3) Skip the welcome messages and tutorials at session startup.

A new key can be added to the server configuration file to let administrators manage configurations at 1), 2) an 3) in this way:

# Configure behavior of the NoMachine menu to be displayed inside the
# session: hide the welcome panels shown at session startup, prevent
# users from changing settings or use specific services. Default is
# 'all', welcome panels are shown and the menu can be used without
# restrictions. Set this key to 'none' for hiding both welcome panels
# and the NoMachine menu (clicking on the page peel or pressing ctrl+
# alt+0 will not open it). Give a comma-separated list of values to
# indicate which items should be made available to users.
# Available values for client and web sessions are: welcome,input,
# display,display-mode,display-settings,connection. Client sessions
# support also: devices,devices-disk,devices-printer,devices-usb,
# devices-network,devices-smartcard,audio,audio-settings,mic,mic-
# settings,recording. For web sessions instead it's possible to set
# also: keyboard,clipboard.
#ClientMenuConfiguration all


Other features that may be locked down

4) Disable the possibility to save Player settings

To control Player settings and connection files it's necessary to run the client in kiosk mode:

5) Automatically start a new session or select a session type

Already implemented. Session types available on the server may be restricted to provide only a specific on or profile rules can be used for that.

6) Do not display the 'Login as a guest user' option in the authentication dialog.

Already implemented. This is managed internally between server and client application: the server, before requesting username and password informs the client if support for guest users is available and enabled. In the case of system login, support for guest users is never availalble