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Searching in: Feature Requests
ID: FR07Q03849
Added on:  2019-07-04
Last update: 2020-05-12
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Web Player
Implemented in: 6.10.12
Status:  Implemented
Providing the client IP when web sessions are running behind a proxy

When the NoMachine web application (nxwebplayer) is behind a proxy, the of the machine where the browser is running (client IP) is not available. The localhost IP (e.g. is provided instead than the client IP, for example in the dialog displayed to the desktop owner when the user is connecting to the desktop.

In order to pass the real client IP it's necessary to add a new module, mod_remoteip, to the NoMachine built-in web server (nxhtd) which is a minimal Apache-based version.

In order to use the mod_remoteip module, it will be then necessary to configure nxhtd for using it (exactly as it would be for Apache) by editing its <NoMachine installation dir>/etc/htd.cfg file.