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ID: FR07R04006
Added on:  2020-07-23
Last update: 2020-07-23
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 6
Status:  Approved
Trimming domain information when requesting the token for forwarding authentication to the child server

In a multiserver setup (Cloud Server + child servers) being part of an Active Directory Domain, the domain information is not removed from the username when requesting a token for the remote server forward authorization.

In some environments, it can be instead necessary to trim the domain from the username. A new key in the server configuration file should allow administrators to define the behaviour.

This impacts direct client-child server connections when the forward method is 'token'. This is the default when the user connects by NX protocol, which uses implicitly this setting:

nxserver --serveredit IP_of_child_server   --protocol NX 
--forward-nx-methods token

Notify me when the FR is implemented.