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ID: FR07R04009
Added on:  2020-07-31
Last update: 2021-02-18
Priority: Configuration
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 7
Status:  Approved
Improving the manageability of NoMachine profiles

A series of improvements are necessary for optimizing the manageability of NoMachine profiles in large environments and through command line:

1) Listing the default rules, applied when no profile rule is set.
These default rules can be different according to the license type, Operating System and version of NoMachine.

2) Checking all profiles set for particular users / nodes / servers / groups and display the final profiles' combination as it is applied during the user's connection.

3) Facilitating administrators to parse the list of profiles rules.

4) Printing in logs which set of rules is applied to the user's session.

5) Listing the order in which profile rules are applied.

6) Internal optimizations to reduce to the minimum the checking of profile rules during the user's login.

Notify me when the FR is implemented.