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Searching in: Feature Requests
ID: FR09F02106
Added on:  2008-09-19
Last update: 2013-09-30
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Player
Implemented in: 
Status:  Implemented
Adding the menu panel, an utility toolbar to interact on the fly within the session

Implemented in NoMachine 4.0.346.

The menu panel is is a panel which appears during the life of the remote connection to give user access to a number of features and functionality ranging from printing, sharing disks, multi-media, screen capture, and more. It is designed to be consistent across operating systems whether you are using Mac, Windows or Linux or other platform.

To make this tool appear into the NX session, click on the page peel placed by default in the upper right corner of the session window or press the Ctrl+alt+0 key combination.