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ID: FR09N03190
Added on:  2016-09-08
Last update: 2019-09-17
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 7
Status:  Implemented
Preventing users from using the xhost program inside a NoMachine virtual desktop

The xhost program is used to change the access control list of host names and user names allowed to make connections to the X server. (See the xhost manual page:

When this program is run inside the NoMachine virtual desktop, it can be used by the user to give access to his/her display to everybody or to the specified user or host who can consequently connect whichever X application to the NoMachine virtual desktop.

In some environments, however, administrators may want to prevent users from using the xhost program inside the NoMachine session and forbid the possibility of changing the access control list.

This configuration can be ruled by a new extra-option for the Display Agent to be set in the node configuration file (node.cfg) for disabling the possibility to add users or host names to those allowed to connect to the X server of the NoMachine session:

DisplayServerExtraOptions "-noxhost"

With this setting the 'xhosts +' / 'xhost -' commands will be ignored in the NoMachine session.