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Searching in: Feature Requests
ID: FR09P03676
Added on:  2018-09-03
Last update: 2019-02-21
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Web Player
Target: 6
Status:  Implemented
Pre-configuring the size of the sensitive area to activate the auto-scrolling in web sessions

A new key in the connection file (.nxs) for web sessions should allow administrators to define the size of the scrolling sensitivity area. By default scrolling sensitivity is set to an area of 40px near the window border.

The new key:

<option key="Automatic viewport scrolling sensitive area size" value="40" />

permits to define a different value and to adjust the scrolling sensitivity, i.e, to set in which position to begin the scrolling when the mouse pointer comes near to the window border.  Decrease this value 8in pixel) to restrict the area where the scrolling is activated. Based on tests in our labs, increasing it over 40 px is not recommended for usability.

To disable scrolling when session is in viewport mode, set:

<option key="Automatic viewport scrolling sensitive area size" value="0" />