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Searching in: Feature Requests
ID: FR09P03684
Added on:  2018-09-19
Last update: 2018-12-07
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 6
Status:  Implemented
Giving the possibility to show servers' hierarchy in a tree structure on console

At the moment it's possible to get information about servers by running 'nxserver' --serverlist'.

After this implementation it will be possible to run: 'nxserver --serverlist --tree' to see a better graphic representation of relationships among servers.

In the tree, servers will be described with server:port, product name and version.

--serverlist [<server:port> | <uuid>]

  List first-level hosts federated under this server. If specified,
  display information for a first-level host identified by its name
  (<server:port>) or id (<uuid>). Use --extended to show additional
  information. Provide the --all option to display all hosts being
  part of this multilevel hierarchy. Provide --tree to see a graphic
  representation of server hierarchy.