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ID: FR09Q03869
Added on:  2019-09-04
Last update: 2019-09-25
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Device Services
Target: 7
Status:  Approved
Limiting disk sharing to connect disks only in a private way

Users can define if the disk they're connecting inside the session will be public (accessible to all users running a NoMachine session on that host) or private (accessible only to them).

In some cases administrators may need to configure NoMachine to allow only private disk sharing.

A new node configuration key should allow to enable/disable public disk sharing:

# Specify if users can connect their disks publicly or privately or
# only privately.
# 1: Enabled. User can choose to connect the disk in a public or
#    in a private way. This is the default. When the disk is public,
#    it's accessible to all users running a sessions on this host.
#    It's mounted in the directory set by DiskSharingPublicBasePath.
# 0: Disabled. Users can mount the disk only in a private way. Disks
#    are mounted in the directory set by DiskSharingPrivateBasePath
#    and are accessible only by the user who connected them.
#EnablePublicDiskSharing 1

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