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ID: FR09Q03876
Added on:  2019-09-24
Last update: 2020-05-12
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Implemented in: 6.10.12
Status:  Implemented
Providing a command line interface to enable/disable support for EGL screen capture

A new command for the nxserver tool should allow to enable support for the EGL interface on Linux:

/etc/NX/nxserver --egl-capture yes

This command is intended to perform the following operations:

1) enabling the EnableEGLCapture key in the node configuration file, /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg
2) turning the EGL screen capture method on.

Using EGL screen capture may be convenient when connecting to a Linux physical display running under Wayland.

Description of the new command in the server usage:

  --egl-capture [yes|no]

  Enable or disable support for EGL screen capture method. Enabling
  EGL can be convenient in case of connections to a physical display
  running under Wayland.

Description of the new configuration key in node.cfg:

# Enable or disable EGL screen capture when connecting to a physical
# display on Linux.
# 1: Enabled. Use EGL to grab the physical display. This setting is
#    effective only when the desktop environment is Wayland-based.
# 0: Disabled. Do not use EGL for screen capture.
# EnableEGLCapture 0