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ID: FR10L02842
Added on:  2014-10-30
Last update: 2016-09-09
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Implemented in: 5.0.43
Status:  Implemented
Giving the possibility to connect a physical session in NoMachine free version when the local X server can't be found

NoMachine (free version) is for connecting to the physical desktop of the remote machine. To do that it's necessary that a graphical desktop environment (and consequently an X server) is available there.

When the local X server cannot be found, NoMachine is able to use its own display service (that is an embedded X server) to let users connect seamlessly a physical desktop running in background on the remote machine. Pre-requisite is having a desktop environment installed.

The following keys in  the server configuration file (server.cfg) allow to manage behavior of the server when it needs to create the X11 display:

# Enable or disable the automatic creation of an X11 display when no
# X servers are running on this host (e.g. headless machine) to let
# users connect to the desktop. This setting applies to NoMachine
# servers not supporting virtual desktops and permits to have one
# single display.
# 1: Enabled. NoMachine will create automatically the new display at
#    server startup. This setting has to be used in conjunction with
#    'DisplayOwner' and 'DisplayGeometry'.
# 0: Disabled. NoMachine will prompt the user for creating the new
#    display. This is the default.
#CreateDisplay 0

# When 'CreateDisplay' is enabled, specify the display owner and let
# NoMachine create the new display without querying the user. If the
# server supports only one concurrent connection, the connecting user
# must be the display owner set in this key.
#DisplayOwner ""

# When 'CreateDisplay' is enabled, specify the resolution of the new
# desktop in the WxH format. Default is 800x600.
#DisplayGeometry "800x600"



For NoMachine versions previous than v. 5.0.43,  when there are no local X servers up and running, users need to work around this by following the steps here:

The implementation of this Feature Request avoids having to manually set-up the configuration described in the article above.