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ID: FR10N03215
Added on:  2016-10-04
Last update: 2018-06-12
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Server
Implemented in: 6.2.4
Status:  Implemented
Providing a command line interface for configuring automatically VirtualGL on Linux

The nxserver program will have to accept four new options in order to configure VirtualGL on Linux:

--virtualgl-install Set up system for VirtualGL
--virtualgl yes Turn on VirtualGL
--virtualgl no Turn off VirtualGL
--virtualgl-uninstall Restore original system configuration





The implementation of this Feature Request will simplify the procedure for enabling VirtualGL support, by avoiding to run manually the vgl scripts (see:

In order to configure the X server on the system for giving VirtualGL access to the GPU execute:

nxserver --virtualgl-install

It runs vglserver_config with proper command line switches to setup the system.

To restore the system, execute instead:

nxserver --virtualgl-uninstall


To enable/disable VirtualGL support in Nomachine, use:

nxserver --virtualgl yes|no  

It turns EnableVirtualGL Support on/off in node.cfg.



NoMachine server usage (/etc/NX/nxserver --help):

--virtualgl [yes|no]

  Enable or disable VirtualGL support.


  Configure the system to use VirtualGL on this machine.


  Revert changes applied to the system for VirtualGL support.