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ID: FR10P03717
Added on:  2018-10-11
Last update: 2018-12-07
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 6
Status:  Implemented
Extending access to physical desktop to unprivileged users with Linux Terminal Server products

Terminal server products for Linux like the NoMachine Workstation or Terminal Server, in v. 6 are mainly conceived to provide a personal desktop to each of the connected users (virtual desktops) or give them the possibility to run the same application individually.  

Only special users (system administrators, NoMachine administrators and trusted users) are entitled to connect to the physical desktop, mainly for maintenance purposes.

For those Linux environments requesting to give access only to the remote physical desktop, the NoMachine Enterprise Desktop continues to be the most suitable solution.

In some environments, as reported especially by large/medium companies which use NoMachine terminal server products since v. 5, virtual desktops don't cover all cases of use, since users without special privileges may also need to access the physical desktop.

In a similar context, by default the owner of the desktop has to authorize the incoming user to connect (unless the request for authorization is completed turned off, not recommended). Special users are still able to connect without the need to be authorized by the owner.  The 'restricted' mode to let only special users connect to the remote physical desktop remains available.

Server configuration
The default value for Terminal Server products is still 2. PhysicalDesktopSharing key could be set to 1 to allow each user to request to connect to the physical desktop.

# Allow the user to connect to the physical desktop:
# 0: Disabled. Connections to the physical desktop are forbidden.
# 1: Enabled. Each user can request to connect to the physical
#    desktop.
# 2: Restricted. Only the administrator and trusted users can connect
#    to the physical desktop.
#PhysicalDesktopSharing 2