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ID: FR10Q03884
Added on:  2019-10-16
Last update: 2019-10-18
Priority: Configuration
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 6
Status:  Approved
Allowing administrators to define a custom message when the session limit is reached

Administrators should be able to configure a custom message to be sent to users when the maximum number of concurrent virtual desktops, or connections or users is reached.

The default message is for example:  "Error: Reached the maximum number of concurrent virtual sessions on this server." and administrators should be able to specify an additional string, e.g.

"Error: Reached the maximum number of concurrent virtual sessions on this server. Please try to connect to server xyz."


A new key in the server configuration file, server.cfg, will allow to execute a specific script in which administrators can specify the custom message to be added to a set of default error messages. A template provides the list of default error messages which support this kind of customization and provides instructions about how to use the script.

Key description:

# Specify path and name to the script to be executed for displaying
# a custom message to users in addition to the default error message.
# Use this template: /NX/scripts/env/ to
# create your own script.
#CustomErrorMessages ""


Notify me when the FR is implemented.