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Searching in: Feature Requests
ID: FR10Q03887
Added on:  2019-10-18
Last update: 2020-05-12
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Implemented in: 6.10.12
Status:  Implemented
Implementing a further method for capturing Wayland desktops

This additional screen grabbing method relies on the EGL interface and OpenGL APIs and allows to capture the Wayland desktop also when it's running on a virtual machine or the GPU has closed-source video card drivers.

A new server command allows to easily enable/disable support for EGL screen grabbing in NoMachine:

The available screen capture methods use Direct Rendering Manager ('drm') or the desktop compositor ('compositor') or EGL grabbing ('egl').  NoMachine tries to use the first available method according to the preference list specified in the node configuration: