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ID: FR10Q03888
Added on:  2019-10-18
Last update: 2020-05-12
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Implemented in: 6.10.12
Status:  Implemented
Providing a configuration key to select the screen capture method for Wayland desktops

NoMachine tries to use the first available screen capture method as specified in the default value of the WaylandModes key in the node configuration file (/usr/NX/etc/node.cfg):

# Specify the screen capture methods to be used for sharing a Wayland
# desktop as a comma-separated list in order of preference. Available
# methods are:
# drm:        Copy screen buffers through Direct Rendering Manager.
# compositor: Request screen sharing to the desktop compositor.
# egl:        Use the EGL screen capture method.
# WaylandModes "drm,compositor,egl"


In some cases, mainly depending on the combination of video hardware, desktop software and device drivers, it can be convenient to change the order of preference in the WaylandModes key.

For example, if this key is set to:

WaylandModes "egl,drm,compositor"
NoMachine will use the EGL screen capture method. Only if it fails, for example because support for EGL grabbing is disabled in the configuration, it will try to use the drm (Direct Rendering Manager) method.