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Searching in: Feature Requests
ID: FR11K02797
Added on:  2013-11-29
Last update: 2015-10-06
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Client
Implemented in: 5.0.43
Status:  Implemented
Giving the possibility to switch between multi-monitors of the remote server when connecting to the physical desktop

In some scenarios, the remote server desktop (or the applications running on the server) may be extended across multiple displays (multimonitors).

If the display configuration of the client is different, e.g. the client has fewer displays than the server, navigating the viewport of the NoMachine client window to reach different areas of the remote desktop may be cumbersome.

It should be possible to show one display by means of an icon in the NoMachine menu panel. For example, if there are two remote monitors (dual monitors), the icon will let the user select whether to show the first remote display, switch to the second, or if preferred, show both remote displays.

This feature applies to connections to the remote physical desktop only.

The corresponent Feature Request for connections by the web is: