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ID: FR11N03239
Added on:  2016-11-03
Last update: 2018-10-01
Priority: High
Products: NoMachine Server
Target: 7
Status:  Approved
The new NoMachine virtualization server family to deploy virtual machines

The NoMachine virtualization capabilities allow for implementation of a complete solution to deploy access to remotely virtualized desktops on virtual machines.

Conceived to integrate with existing virtualization infrastructures and containers, it can also enable the creation of virtual machines -KVM based- or containerized environments on its own.

Integration between the NoMachine virtualization layer and the virtualization platform can let you create your own VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) and converge hybrid structures by a single technology which gives fast and secure access to the remote desktop.

This will allow to access the remote desktop without needing to install a NoMachine server on each virtual machine but it keeps high performance comparable with a traditional NoMachine desktop.

Just install a NoMachine client on the user's device or use a browser and connect.

Choose the desktop to connect among your virtual machines or create a new personal one or let NoMachine do that automatically.

NoMachine will be able to start or create virtual machines on demand. I.e. there's no need to pre-allocate virtual machines, they are made available according to users'needs.

Multiple NoMachine servers with virtualization capabilities can be federated in a NoMachine hierarchy so that the main server (the entry point to the NoMachine virtualized system) will be able to redirect users to a specific virtualization server. This allows to keep multiple virtualized systems separated, but still have a centralized access.

This multi-level architecture potentially allows for an unlimited scalability and permits the consolidation of a significant number of virtual environments on a single server host.

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