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Searching in: Feature Requests
ID: FR12L02846
Added on:  2014-12-01
Last update: 2016-02-25
Priority: Low
Products: NoMachine Server
Implemented in: 5.1.7
Status:  Implemented
Removing "Browse connections..." and "New connection..." menu items from the NoMachine monitor in the system tray

In some cases administrators may need to remove  the 'Browse connections...' and the 'New connection...' items  from the NoMachine monitor menu accessible from the system tray.

A new node configuration key, namely "EnableMenuConnections" should be added to let administrators hide such menu items. In this case, the list of connections will be no longer visible.

The new key in the node.cfg file will be:

# Enable or disable showing items for browsing existing connections
# or creating new ones in the Monitor tool. These items, enabled
# by default, will launch the GUI of the local NoMachine client.
# 1: Enabled. User can browse connections on this host machine or
# create new ones from the Monitor menu.
# 0: Disabled. Connection items are not accessible in the Monitor
# menu.
EnableMenuConnections 1